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Come back home to Kappa!


The Atlanta Alumni Chapter has an extremely active Reclamation Committee which hosts several activities throughout the Fraternal Year aimed at reclaiming inactive and non-financial members of the Fraternity. We encourage each Brother who has for whatever reason lost that “Good ol Kappa Spirit” and is interested in returning to the bond. Come Home to Kappa. To assist Sustaining and Non-Financial Brothers in conveniently taking care of their financial obligation, we are pleased to offer a secure payment option for payment of Dues and Assessments or to make general donations. 

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Dues & Assessments

Payment Center

Please note Grand Chapter dues are to be paid directly to IHQ and are not included in these payment options. For questions or concerns please contact the Keeper of Exchequer. 


Meetings & Events

Brothers attending meetings with Ritualistic Openings should be attired in strict conformance to the Ritual of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, i.e., the appropriate attire is jacket and tie, thus providing a sense of correctness in keeping with the occasion. During these times of a global pandemic, the Atlanta Alumni Chapter is conducting meetings in a hybrid format. This includes in-person meetings, when it's safe to do so, and virtually via Zoom.

Board of Directors Meeting 

2nd Thursday’s @6:30p 

(Virtually via ZOOM)


Monthly Fraternity Meeting 

3rd Thursday’s @7:00p 

(In-Person & via ZOOM)


Virtual Meeting credentials are sent with monthly correspondence, please contact the KOR to update your information if you do not receive the emails.


Please be prepared to show membership credentials so that the Strategus Task Force can verify membership.  

Acceptable Credentials: 

  • Membership Card

  • Financial Card

  • Membership Badge

  • Brother referral, or other appropriate means that will indicate being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.


As we continue our long-standing impacts in the Atlanta community, within the lives of our members, and throughout Kappa, we invite you to jump in, roll up your sleeves, and be of service to support the chapter's initiatives by actively participating in a committee or giving time to our outreach service initiatives. Show your altruism in one or more of the following ways:

Join a Committe

There are over 20 committees in need of your skills and expertise, and time to ensure were remain a vital component in the community with our various initiatives.


Train for Leadership

With a robust Guide Right & Kappa League program, there are several opportunities to assist in training and mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Civic & Social Engagement

Join in as we lend a helping hand with various staple outreach initiatives along with fellowshipping with each other to strengthen the ties that bind us together.

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