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A brief History of the Southeastern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi

The Southeastern Province can be dated back to 1926 when Deaver P. Young was the Province Polemarch. Prior to 1924, the provinces were known as Regions One through Seven. The Southeastern Province, as we know it today, was formed in 1951. Until that time, the province included all chapters along the eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Florida, including Georgia and Alabama. The last Polemarch to serve the province under that organization was Toussaint L. Hale of Birmingham, Alabama. In 1951, Brother Hale was appointed as Polemarch of the Gulf Province (later named the Southern Province), which included Florida and Alabama.

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Southeastern Province Polemarchs

Devear P. Young   |   1926-1928

Alexander Moore Shearin   |   1928-1930

J.M. Hubbard   |   1930-1930

William Henry Greene   |   1931-1931

Dr. Xenophon L. Neal   | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     1932-1932

Marcellus Henderson   |   1933-1933

J.M. Hubbard   |   1933-1936

A.B. Wright   | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     1936-1939

Ray B. Ware   |   1939-1943

Alan P. Smith   |   1943-1950

Toussant L. Hale   |   1950-1951

​W. Dickerson Donnelly | Savannah (GA) Alumni     (1951-1952) 

Dr. Joseph Roosevelt Jenkins | Savannah (GA) Alumni     (1952-1967) 

John E. McCall | Cheraw (SC) Alumni     (1967-1967) 

Joseph A. Johnson | Columbia (SC) Alumni     (1967-1977) 

Dr. Cornelius W. Grant | Albany (GA) Alumni     (1977-1982) 

Melvin T. "Mel" Solomon | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     (1982-1985) 

James B. Hardy | Columbia (SC) Alumni     (1985-1988) 

W. Kenneth Jackson, Sr. | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     (1988-1993) 

Preston Smith | Greenville (SC) Alumni     (1993-1996) 

Dr. Stanley J. Pritchett, Sr. | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     (1996-2002) 

Chester Leaks | Columbia (SC) Alumni     (2002-2005) 

James E. Freeman | Atlanta (GA) Alumni     (2005-2007) 

Solomon S. Bradley | Greenville (SC) Alumni     (2007-2011) 

Lawrence H. Davis, Jr. | Carrollton-Douglasville (GA) Alumni     (2011-2015) 

E. Delane Rosemond | Greenville (SC) Alumni     (2015-2021) 

Brian C. Mock | Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni     (2021-Present)

27th SE Province Polemarch

Brian C. Mock


Metro Atlanta Coalition of Kappas (M.A.C.K)

Within the SE Province, the Atlanta (GA) Alumni Chapter is one of the 10 Alumni Chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi that is part of the Metropolitan Coalition of Kappa, better known as, The M.A.C.K. The M.A.C.K. is composed of the following Alumni Chapters: Atlanta, Decatur, College Park, Stone Mountain-Lithonia, Alpharetta-Smyrna, Stockbridge-Jonesboro, Carrollton-Douglasville, Lawrenceville-Duluth, Conyers-Covington, and Newnan-Fairburn. Click the button below to learn more about the M.A.C.K. or click the chapter logos to learn about the respective chapters.

M.A.C.K. Chapters

AAC Logo.png
1981 Decatur.png
1981 College Park.png
1988 Stone Mountain-Lithonia.png
1989 Alpharetta-Smyrna.png
2003 Stockbridge-Jonesboro.png
2005 Carrollton-Douglassville.png
2008 Lawrenceville-Duluth.png
2011 Conyers-Covington.png
2016 Newnan-Fairburn.png
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