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The Atlanta, Georgia Alumni Chapter was established on February 22, 1924, making it the second oldest chapter South of the Mason Dixon Line. Dr. Hamilton M. Holmes, Sr. was initiated into the fraternity by the members of Pi Chapter located at Morehouse College and served as the first Polemarch. Dr. Albert B. Cooper (Kappa), a prominent Atlanta dentist served as the first Vice Polemarch. Among the charter members were James E. Stamps, J.R. Pinkett (Pi), Byron H. Gentry (Pi), G.E. Wilson (Alpha), William R. Graham (Delta), Robert E. Owens (Xi), Charles E. Wilson, and Theodore Pinkney.


Throughout the years, the Atlanta Alumni Chapter has served as a shining example of what committed Kappa Men can do. We are extremely active in the community holding an annual Student of the Year Pageant that awards scholarships to deserving students based on criteria such as academics, poise, and talent. We also sponsor various local Guide Right Program activities including clothing, food, and blood drives in addition to the Habitat for Humanity Project.


The Atlanta Alumni Chapter currently serves as the advisory alumni chapter to Pi Chapter (est. April 23, 1921 - Morehouse College), Beta Delta Chapter (est. May 1, 1937 - Morris Brown College), Gamma Kappa Chapter (est. November 23, 1948 - Clark Atlanta University), Kappa Zeta Chapter (est. June 7, 1980 - Clark Atlanta University Graduate School), and Kappa Theta Chapter (est. October 3, 1980 - Georgia State University). These chapters serve as leaders in the undergraduate community.           


The Atlanta Alumni Chapter has served as the host chapter for several Provincial and Grand Chapter Meetings, the most notable being the 46th Grand Chapter Meeting in 1956, the 63rd Grand Chapter Meeting in 1980 and the 74th Grand Chapter Meeting in 1999, often referred to as the largest Conclave in the history of the fraternity. Since 1924, the Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi has served as a Beacon in the community and a Diamond in the Southeastern Province. As we continue into the future, the Atlanta Alumni Chapter will continue to focus on Achievement, Service to the community, and the development of our Undergraduates.



Brothers attending meetings with Ritualistic Openings should be attired in strict conformance to the Ritual of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, i.e., the appropriate attire is jacket and tie, thus providing a sense of correctness in keeping with the occasion. During these times of a global pandemic, the Atlanta Alumni Chapter is conducting meetings in a hybrid format. This includes in-person meetings, when it's safe to do so, and virtually via Zoom.

Board of Directors Meeting 

2nd Thursday’s @6:30p 

(Virtually via ZOOM)


Monthly Fraternity Meeting 

3rd Thursday’s @7:00p 

(In-Person & via ZOOM)


Meeting credentials are sent with monthly correspondence, please contact the KOR to update your information if you do not receive the emails.

Chapter Announcements


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